Food First Fashion Friday – 3.27.15

Food First Fashion Friday
Food First by Jennifer has teamed up with the amazingly stylish and health conscious fashion blogger,, to bring you:

 “Food First Fashion Friday—A Flash of Fashion and a Dash of Health!”

 Fashion Flash: Springs hottest hair cut is the LOB!Looking to freshen up your locks this season? Look no further. If you are the type who experiments with clothes but not hair, this is the look for you! The LOB is simple yet sophisticated. Changing your hair is a great way to reinvent yourself, spice up your style and display confidence. Whether it is worn curly or straight with razored ends, the LOB is one of this seasons best accessories.

coconutHealth Dash: Healthy hair comes from the inside out. Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables as well as adequate amounts of protein can help keep hair shiny and healthy. However, those who blow dry daily or use hot irons might need a little extra help beating dry brittle ends. Applying coconut oil throughout your hair before bed can help moisturize and nourish it giving you soft, silky, shiny locks. Eating a teaspoon a day can also help nourish hair from the inside out.

shoes-jzFashion Flash:  Long, lean, sexy legs are accentuated by this seasons Christian Louboutin’sLady Peep Nude Paten’s. These sky high peep toe’s will make your legs appear to go on for miles. Versatile yet classic, they look amazing with leather shorts or a flirty summer dress. A must have for any girl wanting to elongate her legs, add inches to her height and look irresistible.

tramolineHealth Dash: Keep those gams looking gorgeous in heels by jumping on a rebounder. Just 10 minutes a day will keep your legs lean and toned while improving your endurance, flexibility and immune function. My personal preference is the Cellerciser brand, it works every cell and muscle in the body as well as the cardiovascular system—just by jumping! Using a rebounder can increase skin tone, decrease stress and help with weight loss…it is not advised to wear heels while jumping.

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